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What to Look for in a Process Server

When you have a civil court case, you will have to have the other parties to the case served with legal papers. This is done to ensure that they are aware of the case and can formulate a defense, as well as appear in court. Private process servers are by far the best choice for getting your legal documents served. Here’s what to look for when hiring a process server.

Experience and Knowledge

You will want to make sure that the process server you choose has adequate experience and training. There are laws and guidelines for the serving process in Florida. It is important that your process server is very familiar with these guidelines. They also change from time to time, so your process server should be keeping up with the latest best practices.


Your private process server has to be trustworthy. Too many process servers engage in gutter serves, which is when they claim to have served the papers but actually threw them away. If this happens in your situation, it could completely derail or delay your case. The process server should also be trusted to stay in contact with you and notify you of any complications.


Private process servers run into many different types of complications while attempting to serve papers. Some people try hard to avoid being served. Some individuals may even intentionally try to disappear to avoid the court case. The best process servers have many tools and resources at their disposal to enable them to locate individuals and get them served in a timely manner.

If you have legal papers that you need to be served, contact us today for more information or to get started.