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Miami Process Server – Accurate Serve

Accurate Serve, an accredited process serving company, is excited to add Miami to its growing list of Florida business locations. As experts in process serving, document retrievals, skip traces, and diligent searches, Accurate Serve Miami is here to accommodate the area’s non-enforceable civil processes at a reasonable price.

Process Serving in Miami, Florida

The role of a process server is actually set out in the Constitution, where it is stated that service of due process is a privilege to all citizens. This means that all Americans have the right to be properly informed that they are being summoned for some type of legal court action. A process server, then, is the messenger to notify any individual of his involvement in a legal issue. At Accurate Serve Miami, we can expertly serve summons, petitions, mortgage foreclosure complaints, subpoenas, writs of garnishment, eviction summons, and much more.

Even if the person or entity you need to serve is located out of state or even out of the country, the process servers at Accurate Serve have no geographical limitations and pride themselves on successfully serving non-enforceable civil processes in nearly all 50 states, Ireland, China, Germany, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Document Retrievals, Skip Traces, Diligent Searches

At Accurate Serve Miami, we understand that sometimes you may need something other than service of process done in a timely and efficient manner, which is why we also offer document retrievals, skip traces, and diligent searches to all of our clients. Attorneys often need to turn to professional services to obtain the documents and information needed to continue with their jobs, which is why Accurate Serve is here to, well, serve!

Beau Charlet founded the first Accurate Serve location in Lakeland, Florida in 2009, and in the past seven years nearly a dozen other locations have opened around the state with the goal of providing exceptional customer service and the highest level of commitment to each client’s needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn how we can help you with all of your process serving needs!

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