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Billy Rogers
February 2024

Accurate Serve Plantation were very responsive and professional!! Eric and Brandon made short and “accurate” work of the Service of Process of my Federal Summons to 3 legal parties. Highly recommend!

Elroy John
September 2023

Fast, reliable, and they execute instructions to the letter. I highly recommend this branch.

Claudia Rodriguez
September 2023

Accurate Serve provides prompt results and communication. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Marc Chandler
August 2023

I contacted Accurate Serve to serve papers on two defendants in a rural county prior to the enactment of new tort laws in Florida in March of 2023. I thought it would be tough to serve at least one of the defendants, and I figured that it would take a while for Accurate Serve to even attempt service on the defendants due to the crush of lawsuits being filed at that time. Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect from Accurate Serve. Accurate Serve not only attempted service within a week of being provided with the papers, but served each defendant on the first attempt, and provided the affidavits of service within days of service. Accurate Serve Plantation did a great job for me in the one case I’ve asked them to serve process for me. In addition to fast and effective service, Accurate Serve charged a very reasonable fee. I recommend Accurate Serve Plantation without reservation.

Monica Dianne Ramirez
February 2023

We needed urgent help and they were able to deliver!

Debi Alten
October 2022

Brandon and Eric are dynamite! They are quick, reasonably priced, and responsive. Not a combination that one usually sees in business. They are my go-to for service. I can’t thank them enough for their work.

Bruce Botsford
October 2022

Needed service ASAP and they got it done!!!

Alisa Lebensohn
August 2022

My first time using this company and I was impressed! They caught an error in the documents to be served and alerted me immediately rather than simply serving the documents as is. That is next level service! highly recommend!

June 2022

Friendly staff and they get the job done .. FAST !

Gregory Light
September 2021

This is a fast and affordable process server that you can rely on to get your service of process done when you need it done right away. Josh and his staff will work hard to make sure the party gets served correctly and in a timely manner. Do no hesitate to contact these guys for all your service needs whether its service of a complaint or service of a subpoena in both state and federal court.

They respond immediately when receiving documents for service. If there are any issues, they contact you right away to resolve it and are reasonably priced. We have used them for every case we need service on.

David L. Paul, Esq.
August 2021

Quick and easy. As an attorney expediency is paramount. Will definitely use them again!

July 2021

They got the job done quickly and they are very reasonably priced. I highly recommended coming here before going to anyone else!

Craig S
May 2021

There was an initial issue with my request, which was partly my error. Josh and team made it right and I appreciate their commitment and also very timely service for each service request I have made with them. Accurate Serve Plantation also has a good system to provide updates via email as the service process is completed, which I found valuable and helpful.

Jim Tittle
April 2021

Calvin Robinson
January 2021

I had the opportunity to work with Josh and was beyond pleased. He was able to track down a Defendant through a skip trace and find someone who had been otherwise elusive. Thanks for your help Accurate Serve Plantation!

We wish there was a ten star option so we could give it to Josh. Being first time Servers, we were not familiar at all with the serving process. Josh’s company is the ultimate in organization, immediate feedback, and amazing support. He gets the job done! He even emailed us at five in the morning and still answers his emails at nine in the evening. Josh is the ultimate professional. His website is easy to understand and easy to use. We had the pleasure of meeting him in person, and he is just as personable and efficient as we had expected him to be. We give him the highest recommendation for your Process Server needs. Thank you so much, Josh!

Can we please give a 10 out of 5??Josh is excellent! Even caught that a document was missing before serving. Worth every cent. We need to take care of this part so we can focus on the big other part. The best with communication that is impeccable! Better then the sheriff who I call for weeks and the so called “courtesy” servers.

Accurate Serve Plantation is a reputable, professional company who answered all of my questions and put my fears at ease. They were quick in serving my documents and communicated with me immediately when the service was completed.

I would highly recommend Accurate Serve Plantation for process serving needs.

They are very professional! I always get paid in a timely manner and their communication is always top notch.

Great service, great website… user-friendly. Staff was great and very helpful. Quick service.

Quick service …. would recommend to anyone needing a no-nonsense process server !

Josh did a great job. I needed him to go to a specific place at a specific time and he had no problem doing that. It did cost a little more but it wasn’t a problem. His report was very thorough and his price was very reasonable. Hiring him to serve your papers is the way to go.

Greatest process servers ever. These guys go above and beyond whenever I ask and I do criminal so I have some crazy situations. Immediate turn around. Great notes. Very professional. Wish I could give more stars.

Josh is the best. Highly recommended, good prices, very professional and fast and great service.

I recommend Accurate Serve at Plantation. Fast accurate service that is what they provide.

Very knowledgeable in all matters relating to service of process. Joshua runs a tight ship, always confirming attempts are made on a timely basis, and that all Rush and Priority jobs are done in an efficient and timely manner.

Great experiences over the past few months with this process server. They were experienced, communicative and kept me posted on details of work assigned and results. I have made them my process server for all matters.

Ever since I started using Accurate Serve, I have been extremely happy. They serve all over the state and wherever I need service I use them. They are fast and professional! I highly recommend.

Dessy L.

Y Harrell

Josh is always responsive and the service is efficient. The servers are persistent and get the job done. They have a client for life with me!

Awesome company! They are timely and professional and perfect for all your service needs!

Eric P

Made a very stressful life situation very easy with prompt responses and great service


Great Service First Attempt Nailed It!

Very good Servise

I want to thank Josh for serving an individual who is in prison and getting all the needed paperwork notarized and sent back to NY in a timely manner.
Thanks again for your effort and hard work!

Love this company. Very professional and reliable. Highly recommend them.

I am a very very satisfied customer. I used these servers and my papers were served within 3 business days with no problems, unbelievably awesome. I am recommending this company and will use them again. They are the best and their prices are the best. Thanks again Accurate Serve.

thanks for your quick, professional service.

I had called Josh Wright on November 28, 2017, wanting his agency to serve My soon to be Ex divorce papers. I gave them the information where he(my husband) was staying at. I wasn’t too sure though. So Josh and his employee Eric Garcia served my husband with the divorce papers in 3 days and they said it would take about 4(days) to do it and they did it less than that, I was totally shocked with the accurate and fast response. I have to say this agency live up to their name (accurate serve plantation). This Agency is the best..!! Thanks again to Josh and Eric for doing a very great job!!

Josh and his team are very understanding when it comes to a firms need for expedited service. Our firm was in a time crunch for service, we contacted Accurate Serve and within hours they were able to have the defendant served for a reasonable price. Thank you Accurate Serve

First rate operation. Organized, efficient, well priced, excellent customer service and communication from start to finish.

I would highly recommend using Accurate Serve. Always fast and great service! I never have to follow up with them.

Accurate Serve Plantation is an exceptional process servering company. I highly recommend their reliable, proficient and professional service.

I have given Accurate Serve numerous cases to serve and have had no problems with them. Would use again. They are cheaper than other process servers in Broward County and unlike the sheriff’s office, you can depend on them to make multiple efforts to serve the intended party.

This service was great as their work was efficient and done correctly the first time. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.

This company gave me phenomenal service. They completed the service quickly and updated me every step of the way.

I highly recommend Accurate Serve Plantation.

Ermina Levy
December 21, 2016

The user left just a rating.

Could not ask for better server. Once I call they promptly ask for documentation and provided service of process quick. Highly recommend.

Diana Diaz
October 24, 2016

I use accurate serve all the time for our subpoena services and they are fantastic!! Highly recommended, good prices and fast and great serve! Great customer service!! They are very quick to respond!!

chris nanarello
October 4, 2016

Best process servers in the state! Fast/reliable/friendly service. Will serve to almost any county in FL at a very competitive price. Highly recommended for Law Firms!

Jazmin Torres
September 20, 2016

We get prompt responses every time. Super Professional!

Bobbie Smith
September 16, 2015

The law firm that I work for has been using Accurate Serve’s Plantation offices for all of our Plantation service needs for the past several months; and we have not had any problems. In fact, Josh and his guys are professional, courteous, fast, and most importantly – reliable! In this field, it is critical that a firm be able to trust their process server(s); and Accurate Serve is very trustworthy! I would also highly recommend Accurate Serve’s other locations around the State of Florida. (I commonly use Plantation, Tallahassee and the Tampa Bay area.)

Mark Abzug
September 8, 2016

My staff has used Accurate Serve on several occasions. We are very pleased with their efficiency, quality of work, and timely service. We would recommend Accurate Serve without hesitation.

Corina Seaburn
July 13, 2016

I honestly get excited when I receive services from our clients that need to be sent to Accurate for completion. They always work quickly, provide detailed updates and are very friendly. I wish all of my work could be handled by this company!

Denise Fishel
June 11, 2015

I’ve been dealing with Accurate Serve Plantation since the business first started and have received nothing but excellent, courteous service. Service of court documents can be extremely important and Accurate is there to assist anytime. They are prompt and professional. I highly recommend them.

Richard McDonough
June 10, 2016

Service was excellent! Everything was completed within 3 days and at a great price. Will definetly use again if I find myself needing this kind of service.

Beau Charlet
May 27, 2016

Josh and his team are dynamic!!!! They serve papers quick and get you Returns equally as quick. If you need a reliable Process Server in South Florida, the one company to trust is Accurate Serve Plantation.

Working with the Accurate Serve of Plantation is awesome. They perform at a high level and communicate efficiently! Covering all Southeast Florida they handle all my process needs on time!

Clinton Cagle
April 18, 2016

Awesome and quick service! Accurate Serve Plantation is a professional process serving company that gets the job done right the first time. They remain in communication with the law firm or individual serving process and lets them know of any issues or when service has been completed. Would recommend Accurate Serve of Plantation for anyone who wants to get the service done right the first time.

April 15, 2016

Very reasonable price and accurate on his words to deliver the job on-time. Totally recommend his services to anyone .

June 10, 2016

This is my second time using Accurate Serve, but this time in Plantation, FL. The quality of service still remained exceptional. Josh was able to serve the individual within a 24 hrs period. The price was fair and I was able to do everything online. I would definitely use his services again. Thanks again!