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What a Process Server Can Do For You

If you’re an attorney working at a law firm, you’ve probably wondered how a process server can really help your operations. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what process servers do, so we’re here to give the facts.

Process servers help legal firms function by:

Providing Auxiliary Legal Services

Service of process is only one of the things most process service agencies do. Other auxiliary legal services that are provided include:

Guarantee Valid Proof of Service

If a judge requests to see proof of service for the process served in your case, the last thing you want to hear from the process server is that they do not have it. This could lead to your entire case being dismissed! Don’t take that risk…using a reputable process service agency like Accurate Serve® of Plantation can save you in situations like these. Our servers ALWAYS obtain a valid proof of service at the time service is made. Whether it be the target’s signature confirming service was made or an affidavit made by the server as to the facts of service, you’ll never be left out to dry if proof of service is requested.

Save Time and Money

Every firm wants to find ways to cut down expenses, and using process service agencies for tasks that can be delegated is a great way to do so. By using a process service agency like Accurate Serve®, your firm’s attorneys and paralegals won’t have to spend another minute on lengthy records requisitions or waiting for documents to come in. That means they will have time to work on case strategies and legal research, making much better use of their skills and talents.

Quality Process Service in Southern Florida

If your firm could benefit from quality process service, document retrievals, diligent searches, and more, call Accurate Serve® of Plantation at 954-770-9997 or send us your service requests online. Once we’ve started working on your case, you can track its status 24/7 using our online tracker.