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Why You Should Choose a Process Server Who Stays Up to Date

The rules about what constitutes legal proof of service and who can execute it do not change in Florida often, but there are many other ways that your process server needs to stay up to date on the latest trends in process service. Especially in light of the constantly changing dynamic of the legal and business world due to the pandemic, it is more important than ever for process servers to know the law and their responsibilities.

The pandemic is changing the way we do things across the board, and that includes our legal system. Courts are having to come up with new ways to effectively replace old processes that don’t allow for social distancing or mask wearing and meet the challenges of keeping cases moving through the courts with everyone staying at home.

Luckily, judges are very aware that these challenges exist. One of the biggest challenges being faced right now is service of process. Businesses and corporations are much harder to serve during the pandemic because physical locations are closed or staffing is very limited. That means the agent who needs to accept the papers may not be available at the business location, which is the only place such an agent can be served by law.

However, many judges are making exceptions that allow papers to be served to agents of a company at their place of residence. This is being allowed in some cases because the person’s place of residence is also their temporary business location, but you cannot make this assumption. 

Any deviation from established rules regarding service of process must be approved by the courts. At this time, the courts are handling this on a case-by-case basis, but court officials are trying to determine the best way to handle these situations going forward through potential policy and rule changes.

With that in mind, it is very important for all process servers to stay up to date on the latest information specific to Florida process service. Our representatives are highly trained and receive ongoing education to ensure your papers are served quickly and accurately.