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Legally Required Characteristics of Process Servers in Plantation

There are many legal requirements that process servers must meet before they are able to serve papers in that Florida court. You should be aware of these qualifications so that you can make sure the private process server you hire in Florida will be able to legally deliver your papers instead of jeopardizing your case. Here is what you need to look for.

Registered with the courts

You cannot use any private process server to deliver legal documents in your case if they are not registered with the appropriate court. Just because a process server is trained and available in Florida doesn’t mean they can be used in every jurisdiction. You need to check with the court you are filing with to make sure your process server is on the list.

Legal requirements before service

Before someone can become a server, they also have to meet some additional requirements. They must be at least 18 years old, and they can’t have any legal impediments like active probation or certain prior criminal charges. This process of checks and balances ensures that all citizens are safe when papers are being served.

Ongoing registration

A process server has to maintain their registration with the courts with which they interact. If the court denies them renewal for any reason, they must stop serving papers in that jurisdiction. Even if your private process server claims to meet all of the requirements, you should check with the courts to make sure that their registration is still valid.

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