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How a Process Server Finds a Missing Party

If you don’t know how to find the person you want to sue, you could run into a big problem. You can’t file a lawsuit in Florida unless you have an address for all parties to the case. If the address you file with turns out to be inaccurate, the process server will have to track down that individual so they can be served.

Do you have a last known address?

As long as you have a last known address based on your dealings with the individual or business, it is a great starting point. You can check with the post office to see if they left a forwarding address and go from there. A private process server can take that information and track people down.

But if you never knew the address for the individual, you may not even be able to file a case against them. Florida requires that all parties to a lawsuit be accurately identified, and that includes being able to provide a last known physical address. If you don’t have that, you may have to hire a private process server or investigator to find the person so that you can file and have them served.

Did the person seem to just disappear?

It’s not uncommon for a con artist to simply disappear after working an angle. They survive by sticking around long enough to squeeze out every last possible penny while getting gone fast enough to avoid getting caught, and many of them are very good at that balance. 

It can become a huge chore to find people when they don’t want to be found, especially conmen. A private process server has many tools at their disposal to use skip tracing to get papers served in a timely manner.

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