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Compliance Questions to Ask Your Process Server

It is important to your case that your papers are served correctly and speedily. There are a number of rules about how papers should be served depending on the type of papers and the type of case involved. When you use a private process server to serve your papers, you want to make sure that the method of service won’t jeopardize your case. Here are some questions to ask your process server once they notify you that papers have been served.

Did You Deliver the Papers to the Individual Listed?

In many cases, service of process has to be made on the individual listed on the papers. There are some instances in which giving the papers to another adult in the household is acceptable. Find out from the process server who received the papers and if it was within guidelines for the type of case you have.

Did You Verify Identity?

Not every type of case requires that the individual being served shows identification to receive the papers. However, there are some qualifying questions that must be asked by the process server to verify the identity of the individual being served. The process server may verify date of birth and other information to make sure that they are serving the correct individual. Find out from the process server what methods they used to verify who they were giving the papers to.

Do You Have Documentation?

A good process server will keep documentation proving that service has been executed. It is a good idea to verify that this documentation exists and get a copy of it for your records. Having this documentation could be important if the individual contests service, or says that they were never served.

If you are looking for a private process server in Florida, contact us today for more information. Our process servers are always within compliance of rules and regulations regarding process of service.